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Our Login and customer and Currency is more or less off for the moment the SEK price is the right price, other is off for the moment.

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uppdate (2013-09-04)

During a company meeting our CEO announced he had an idea, he wanted to expand our company further and focus our attention at one weapon system we all agreed was the one with most potential, that system was the Next Gen EBB. To boost production and quality we have now branched out and reqruited a new mechanic: Johan (Wrex) Winberg who will work with us on trial at first During this meeting we also announced the reqruitment of a new spokesperson: Erik (AlaZar) Yrjas, who will relive some of the paper work for us and also attend international events.



uppdate (2013-02-03)



Want to win a free Airsoftgun?


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The 24first May it`s the founders big birthday and he wants to celebrate that by giving away one free airsoftgun to one of our amazing followers!


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The winner is drawn on random and will be presented on the 24th of May

What gun it will be is secret for now but stay tuned :D
And of course it will be a costum built and tuned gun by WarLordAS!


CEO: Devid Fodor

uppdate (2013-3-29)


See you all there !





Scheduled times, dates & location
Location: Sweden , "Viksmon" in Västergraninge 28 km southwest of Sollefteå

Dates: Tuesday the 25th of June - Sunday 29th of June 2013

Safezone will be open during 09:00 - 24:00 25th - 29th of June.

Check in opens: Tuesday 25th of June 09:00 CET
Team Gatherings: All players shall gather in their homebase before 19:00 CET the 26th of June 2012.
Game start: 22:00 CET Wednesday 26th
Game ends: 15:00 CET Saturday 29th.
Check-out opens: 16:00 CET Saturday 29th (Returning of, Radios, AT4´s, BAVS hit receivers, 40mm, grenades, officer patches etc.
Beer party starts: 18:00 CET Saturday 29th
Beer party ends: 24:00 CET Saturday 29th
Check-out opens: 09:00 CET Sunday 30th of June (Returning of, Radios, AT4´s, BAVS hit receivers, 40mm, grenades, officer patches etc.

Safezone, Gamearea and parking won't be open until tuesday the 25th 09:00. Before that you have to stay at camping or hotel/hostel.

uppdate (2013-3-29)